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Mechanical Components
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Regular inspection and renewal is essential for automotive components to ensure the operational and traffic safety.
Their wear primarily depends on the operating conditions and vehicle manufacturers coordinate the maintenance requirements as a compromise to normal, average conditions. Fixed maintenance intervals can therefore be advantageous for vehicles with low annual mileage and gentle driving style. Conversely, a flexible interval can be better with above-average driving performance or extreme operating conditions.

Further developed vehicle electronics - such as sensors and software which can detect wearing pars thus enable maintenance calls to be made as required. With this partial flexibilization of maintenance, fewer visits to the workshop are not necessary to be expected, since, for example, brake fluid ages regardless of mileage and operating conditions and must be replaced regularly.  
They can still pay off for the customer because, for example, brake pads without a sufficient reserve cannot be replaced on a fixed date as a precaution, but can be used up to the wear limit.   The same applies to engine oil. Demand-based maintenance calls can help to save resources.